ScapuIar-Dysfunctional Impingement Syndrome as a Cause of Grade 2 Rotator Cuff Tear: A Case Study

Chiropractic Sports Medicaine

Dale J. Buchberger, DC, CCSP


A case of scapular dysfunctional impingement syndrome (SDIS) with an associated grade 2 rotator cuff tear is reported in a l7-year-old male high school baseball pitcher, He had experienced an acute onset of left anterolateral shoulder pain immediately after “one particular pitch.” A comprehensive nonsurgical treatment plan was used and included myofascial release technique, low voltage-ultrasound combination, contract relax technique, chiropractic manipulative therapy, and active exercise rehabilitation. He fully recovered to pitch at the college level and expressed an increase in velocity and control. It must be recommended that preseason examination in baseball players include aggressive manual examination (by a skilled examiner) of the subscapular/scapulothoracic region to diagnose latent SDIS. Baseball players, especially pitchers and catchers, if diagnosed with either latent or active SDIS should under go immediate treatment and exercise rehabilitation as outlined.